My therapist pushes me just right. I feel more improved physically and mentally and emotionally than when I arrived here. The setting for workout is pleasant.

Balance Therapy for Parkinson’s

As part of our balance therapy program at Vortex Physical Therapy and Balance, our physical therapists incorporate PWR!Moves® for people living with Parkinson’s disease. This set of exercises target the primary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease— bradykinesia, rigidity, and incoordination.

According to the Parkinson Wellness Recovery website, PWR!Moves® “hold promise to slow disease progression, improve symptoms, restore function, and increase longevity and quality of life.”

Our physical therapists are all PWR!Moves® certified therapists, so whoever you see in our office, you can feel confident you are getting the best balance rehabilitation for Parkinson’s. Interested in scheduling an evaluation for balance therapy for Parkinson’s? Please give us a call.

Learn more about PWR!Moves® on their website, You can also search for a PWR!Moves® certified physical therapist near you at