Vortex has greatly improved the quality of my life, and now I have a solution whenever my benign positional vertigo flares up. I’ve had BPPV off and on for over 30 years. Like many, I tried going to different doctors, had many tests done, and tried various treatments. However, it was not until I made an appointment w/ Diron that I finally found someone who really knows how to fix vertigo problems. He also educated me about my condition and that helps too. I feel like I have my life back now. I can go on a roller coaster again, and I can snorkel the next time I go to Hawaii!

Why Choose Us for Your Rehabilitation?

Vortex Physical Therapy & Balance is one of the few physical therapy clinics in California to exclusively focus on the treatment of vestibular disorders, neurological conditions, and balance issues. As such, we are the local specialists in the treatment of vertigo, dizziness and balance-related conditions.

Our therapists have advanced training and specialization in vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT), as well as neurological and geriatric treatment. We work with each of our clients to provide personalized treatment plans using the latest techniques and advances in the management of vestibular disorders.

When scheduling, you will be assigned to work with one of our physical therapists throughout your treatment program – from evaluation to graduation. Studies have shown that working with the same therapist provides a better continuity of care and ultimately, better results.


What you can expect from Vortex

  • A regular weekly schedule at a time that works for you
  • Your physical therapist’s full attention during your appointment
  • Courtesy reminders in the format you prefer; delivered two days in advance
  • On-time appointments

What we expect from you

  • Show up on time and ready to work
  • Do your homework as instructed
  • Provide 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule
  • Make physical therapy a priority while you’re here

Specialized Equipment for Evaluation and Treatment

Our clinic is outfitted with high-tech equipment to assist with the evaluation and rehabilitation of vestibular and balance disorders. During the evaluation process, your therapist will put you on the Smart BalanceMaster for Sensory Organization Testing (SOT).

 SMART Balance Master® by Neurocom – Our clinic is one of a handful of locations in the Bay Area to use this device in the evaluation and treatment of vestibular and balance disorders. Using Sensory Organization Testing (SOT), we test your three balance sensory inputs: vestibular, proprioception (joint perception), and vision. These inputs relay information about your environment to your brain; if one is not working effectively, it will affect your ability to maintain your balance. Following the test, your therapist will go over your results with you to identify any deficits or functional impairments. These test results will be used to create a customized plan of care to address your needs.

Infrared goggles— If you are being assessed for BPPV or positional vertigo, your therapist may ask you to wear a set of infrared goggles to record your eye movements. As part of the assessment, the therapist will be looking for nystagmus, or repetitive, uncontrollable eye movements. A well-trained therapist will be able to tell by your eye movements which ear is affected and also in which of the three inner ear canals needs treatment. While our clinic has these goggles to aid us in identifying and treating BPPV, they are often not needed to determine the proper treatment.