Attendance Policy: Cancellations, No Shows & Late Arrivals


Vortex requires 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule

We know during the course of treatment, you may need to cancel an appointment. However, please provide adequate notice, so we can utilize the time for another patient. When you late cancel, it impacts: 1) our business, 2) your PT, and 3) someone else waiting for treatment.

We charge patients a fee for late cancellations and no shows; due by the next visit. If you are ill or have an emergency, we will consider this on an individual basis. (Please contact our office manager if you have any questions.)

Late cancellation = less than 24 hour notice

No Show = cancelling < 2 hours before appointment or no show/no call

Late arrival = more than 5 minutes late to appt


  • Late cancellation – $75 first incident; $100 second incident
  • No show – $100 per incident

Attendance Policy

While we are working together, we set aside 1-2 hours weekly for you and your PT. In exchange, you are expected to arrive on time and regularly attend your scheduled appointments. If you are excessively late or cancel multiple visits, you will be given a warning. If the behavior continues, you will be removed from the schedule.

Reasons for removal include:

  • Excessive late cancellations
  • No shows (after 2nd incident)
  • Repeated late arrivals (more than 5 minutes late)


Cancelling? Please contact the office manager to cancel or reschedule; DO NOT email your physical therapist. (If you are scheduled on Monday, please cancel by Friday. Weekend cancellations are considered late).

Insurance Coverage

We are Medicare providers and accept PPO plans with out-of-network benefits. We offer a discounted private pay rate to those without insurance coverage.

Please call if you would like our office manager to verify your insurance coverage.

Patient payments for deductibles, co-insurance, and supplies are collected at each visit.

Read More About Our Insurance and Billing Policy

Cancellations & No Shows

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not provide adequate notice, we are unable to fill the appointment, which is a loss for us and for someone else waiting to come in. Please call ASAP to cancel or reschedule.

Vortex charges $75 for late cancellations; $100 for no shows. These fees are collected from the patient at the next scheduled appointment. Your insurance does not pay for missed appointments.

Need to cancel? Call Vortex now.

Learn More About Our Policy

For your convenience, our New Patient paperwork is available to download (PDF). Please download and complete the forms in advance of your first appointment.

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