Vortex Physical Therapy & Balance has built a strong reputation in the local medical community for our knowledge and treatment of dizziness and balance issues.

Diron Cassidy founded the clinic in late 2011 with the idea of building the premier facility in Silicon Valley dedicated to the rehabilitation of vestibular disorders and balance problems. He works closely with our therapy team to provide highly-skilled, evidence-based physical therapy to those in our community experiencing challenging dizziness and balance issues, which can have a negative impact on the activities of daily life.

We are dedicated to helping people recover from vestibular issues and improve their balance so they can enjoy life. In addition to treating common vestibular diagnoses, such as BPPV, vestibular migraines and vestibular neuritis, our therapy team has specialized training in creating exercise programs for neurological conditions, geriatrics, and concussions.

For more information on our team, please visit the Team page.