Welcome to those of you visiting the Vortex Physical Therapy and Balance website for the first time! We’ve had a number of new people finding us on the web, so we thought we’d share a quick FAQ on the vestibular therapy and balance rehabilitation services we provide.

For more information, we encourage you to spend a few minutes scrolling through our website. We are currently working on a website update and plan to post new photos and content by this Fall. If you want the latest information from our team, please Like our Facebook page and follow our blog!

WHO is Vortex?
Vortex Physical Therapy and Balance is a specialty physical therapy practice in San Jose, CA opened by Diron and Cara Cassidy in late 2011. Our therapy team, led by Diron, now includes four physical therapists who specialize in vestibular, balance and neurological rehabilitation. You can read up on our team here. Each therapist has their own areas of specialization, but everyone on staff is trained to treat balance and dizziness issues.

WHAT do you do?
Our team specializes in treating vestibular issues, including vertigo, as well as balance disorders and neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease. We also treat post-concussion syndrome. A more extensive list of the diagnoses we treat is listed on the front page of our website.

WHERE is Vortex located?
In late 2016, we moved to a larger location on Almaden Expressway in San Jose with easy access from Hwy 85 or Hwy 87. Our new office has private treatment rooms, a large gym, and easily accessible parking.







WHEN can I schedule an appointment?
As the only private outpatient clinic focused exclusively on providing vestibular and balance therapy in the Bay Area, we often have a wait list. Call us to ask about scheduling or email us through the website. Each patient is assigned a therapist at the time of evaluation. You will be scheduled for one-hour sessions, once or twice a week.

WHY didn’t my doctor refer me to Vortex (or vestibular therapy)?
We work with a growing number of local medical practices and providers, including ENTs, neurologists, and primary care doctors. However, some medical providers are unfamiliar with the benefits of vestibular therapy. A growing number of new patients find us on the internet or get referred by a friend (which we love). Medical providers can download our referral form here.

HOW is Vortex different from other physical therapy clinics?
Two words- specialization and experience. Under the guidance of Diron Cassidy, who has been practicing vestibular rehabilitation in San Jose for more than 15 years, our therapists treat vestibular and balance issues every day. The vestibular system is complex; it can be difficult for people to receive an accurate diagnosis. By the time they come to our office, some patients have seen 4-5  medical providers about their issue. Vestibular therapy requires a solid knowledge of the vestibular system, treatment protocols and exercises. Our therapists are required to take courses several times a year to advance their training in vestibular, geriatrics, concussions, and Parkinson’s disease.