We all know a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy and the cause for many of the health issues currently plaguing society. However, a new Australian study finds that sitting for long periods of time may cause an early death.

Sitting=Death? This doesn’t bode well for those of us with desk jobs. We can’t get up and quit, nor can we all get one of those fancy treadmill desks. So, what can we do to increase our longevity?

#1- Exercise. (30 minutes a day)

#2- Don’t sit still. (Get up and move every 20 minutes. At minimum, you should take 5 minutes every hour to stand, stretch, walk or otherwise move your body.)

#3- Sit up straight. (Proper posture will help prevent repetitive use injuries.)

#4- Check with your company to see if they offer ergonomic evaluations for your work space.

#5- Schedule meetings in other parts of the building and take the stairs whenever possible.

#6- Talk with co-workers about holding meetings outside and organizing lunchtime walk groups.

Couch potatoes, this goes for you too. Get up and use your time in front of the television to exercise. Do some crunches or yoga poses, but don’t just sit there!