Vestibular Issues Make Holiday Time Tedious

How to Survive The Holidays If You Suffer from Vestibular Issues

Walking through the mall during the holidays can be exhausting for most of us, but for people with vestibular issues, a quick shopping trip to the mall or local retail store may make them feel off-balance for a few days.

The holidays can exacerbate vestibular issues and we typically see a spike in symptoms among our patients at this time of year. December is filled with holiday parties, visiting with friends and family, shopping trips, vacations and lots of great holiday treats.

However, while we’re out having fun, we are also wearing ourselves down by not getting enough sleep, traveling long distances, eating salt-heavy foods and drinking alcohol. All of these things can trigger vestibular symptoms in our patients, which is why we encourage people to take it easy and rest during the holidays.

Here are our top five recommendations for surviving the holidays. These are common sense rules for anyone to follow, not just vestibular patients:

  • Eat and drink in moderation
  • Watch your salt intake (and sugar for that matter!)
  • Schedule shorter shopping trips or take breaks if you’re visiting multiple stores
  • When traveling, drink plenty of water and rest when you arrive at your destination
  • Above all, get plenty of rest!!!