Vortex PT Is Now Open and Accepting New Patients

Do you live in the Bay Area?

Vortex Physical Therapy & Balance is easy to reach if you live in, say, San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell, Morgan Hill, Saratoga, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino or Los Altos, California.

There aren’t any big signs or balloons hanging outside, but Vortex Physical Therapy & Balance started seeing patients last week (2011) and we are taking new appointments.

Do you suffer from dizziness or vertigo?

Get a referral from your ENT, neurologist or primary care provider and come see us!

Whether you’re being referred from your doctor or finding us online, we look forward to meeting you!

Although you may want to put off medical appointments during the holidays because it is a busy time of year, it’s actually the best time to schedule those medical appointments you may be putting off. By this time of year, typically you’ve likely paid your deductibles, so it doesn’t cost as much out-of-pocket. Plus, if you contribute to a health savings account, you may have leftover money in your account to spend. (I know I always scramble at the end of the year to spend mine.)

So, with that in mind–Go get your flu shots, schedule that physical or test that you’ve been putting off and take care of your health! And, if you’ve been dizzy or suffering from vertigo, get a referral from your ENT or primary care provider and come see us!